ReceiveList of articles by Dr. Saffarian NiaRow
DownloadEffects of environmental design inspired by nature on psychological and physiological responses of clients in medical spaces1
DownloadEffectiveness of self-regulation techniques on the emotion-focused coping style of female student of Tehran university.2
DownloadThe Relationship between Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategies and Perceived Social Support among Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis3
DownloadComparison of the Components of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in Successful and Unsuccessful Elderly People in Rafsanjan city and the Contribution of these Components in Predicting Successful Aging4
DownloadStandardization and Validation of Intimacy Attitude Scale–Revised in Tehran University Students5
DownloadComparison the Effectiveness Cognitive – Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Combination Drug Therapy, CBT on the Resilience and Stress Infidelity Women5
DownloadThe role of attitude towards safety as a mediator of safety training effectiveness to fatalism6
DownloadDirty Dozen vs. the H factor: Comparison of the Dark Triad and Honesty–Humility in prosociality, religiosity, and happiness7
DownloadThe Validity and Reliability Study of the Social Support Structure (Main Effect Model) In the Iranian Population: Exploratory/Confirmatory Factor Analysis8
DownloadThe Effectiveness of Mindfulness and Metacognitive Training on Social Well-Being9
DownloadEffect of group Logotherapy on life expectancy and mental and social well binge of the female elderly in resident nursery in dubai10
DownloadThe relationship between mental health and self-harm behaviors among male and female students11
DownloadThe Effectiveness of Training Problem Solving Skills on the Resiliency of the Students Residing At the Dormitory of the Industrial University Of Khaje Nasiredin Toosi12
DownloadThe comparison of personality trials, prosocial personality and mental health in keeping and non-pet keeping13
DownloadReview the comparison of prevalence of narcissism, self-damaging behavior and mental health of girls and boys in tehran 2013.14
DownloadComparison of social intelligence and prosocial personality in 15
medical students with and without internet addiction16
DownloadA comparative study of Executive functions and cognitive emotion regulation in patients with borderline personality disorder and normal individuals17
DownloadExamining the relationship between public health and social security among the students in Azad University of Rafsanjan18
DownloadThe Comparison of General Health and Life Expectancy between Students with Favorable and Unfavorable Socioeconomic Status19
DownloadConstruction and standardization of administrative corruption perception questionnaire and its relationship with social trust20
DownloadTo construction and standardization of the waiting anxiety questionnaire21
DownloadSupportive group therapy and type 2 diabetes: evaluation of effectiveness of support groups therapy on glycemic control22
Applying conservation psychology in decreasing electrical energy consumption and preserving23
downlodeJournal of Research in Psychological Health
March 2019, Volume 12, Issue 4
downlodEffectiveness of the Package of Hope Therapy Based on
Positivist Approach on the Life Quality and Psychological
Wellbeing of Parkinson Patients
downlodThe Relatons of Locus of Control and Behavioral Approach and Inhibiton
Systems to General Health in Elderly Nursing Home Residents in Dubai